2007 Toyota Sequoia
Safety Features

Safety & Convenience SR5 Limited
Star Safety SystemTM -- includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) [1] + Traction Control [2], Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist [3] S S
Driver front airbag and front passenger with Advanced Airbag System [4] S S
Driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags and front-and second-row roll-sensing side curtain airbags (RSCA) [4] with cutoff switch S S
Driver and front passenger seatbelt warning sensor S S
3-point seatbelts in all eight seating positions S S
Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) on driverís belt, Automatic/Emergency Locking Retractors (ALR/ELR) on passenger belts S S
Front seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters S S
ISO-FIX Child Restraint System (CRS) anchors and tether anchors for second- and third-row seating positions S S
Front energy-absorbing crumple zone S S
Side-impact door beams S S
Child protector rear door locks S S
Anti-theft and engine immobilizer systems S S
Energy-dissipating interior trim S S
Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with auto on/off feature O O
S = Standard
O = Optional
P = Feature is available only as part of an option package
1. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver steering input can all affect whether VSC will be effective in preventing a loss of control. Please see your Owner's Manual for further details.
2. 4-wheel Traction Control (TRAC) in 4WD mode only. Rear-wheel Traction Control (TRAC) in 2WD mode.
3. Brake Assist is designed to help the driver take full advantage of the benefits of ABS. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake-system maintenance and tire and road conditions.
4. All the vehicleís airbag systems are Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS). The driver and front passenger airbags are designed to inflate in severe (usually frontal) collisions where the magnitude and duration of the forward deceleration of the vehicle exceed the design threshold level. The side airbags and side curtain airbags are designed to inflate in certain types of severe side-impact collisions. The front and rear side curtain airbags also are Roll-Sensing Curtain Airbags (RSCA) and are designed to inflate at a severe tilt degree, roll or lateral G-force. In all other accidents, the airbags will not inflate. To decrease the risk of injury from an inflating airbag, always wear seatbelts, sit upright in the middle of the seat as far back as possible from the airbag modules and do not lean against the door. Do not put objects in front of an airbag or around the seatback. Do not use a rearward-facing child seat in any front passenger seat. The force of an inflating airbag SRS may cause serious injury or death. Please see your Owner's Manual for further instructions. Vehicle complies with "advanced airbag" requirements of FMVSS 208.
Please remember, Toyota vehicles are built with popular option combinations. Not all options are available separately and some options and accessories may not be available in all regions of the country. So please contact your Toyota dealer, who can help locate the vehicle thatís right for you.

Toyota Sequoias are designed to meet most off-road driving requirements. Abusive use may result in bodily harm or damage. Toyota encourages responsible operation to protect you, your vehicle and the environment.

Some vehicles are shown with available equipment. Seatbelts should be worn at all times. Please do not allow passengers to ride in the cargo area. Towing hitch receivers/ball mount kits are not intended to provide crash protection.

For details on vehicle specifications, standard features and available equipment in your area, contact your Toyota dealer. A vehicle with particular equipment may not be available at the dealership. Ask your Toyota dealer to help locate a specifically equipped vehicle.

All information presented herein is based on data available at the time of posting, is subject to change without notice and pertains specifically to mainland U.S.A. vehicles only (may differ in the state of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and in other regions).